Pantry Pasta Salad

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“A quick, delicious and hearty pasta salad that is great as a main dish or side.”
Serving: 10 | Prep: 15m | Ready in: 35m

• 1 (15 oz.) can garbanzo beans, drained
• 1 (13.75 oz.) can artichoke hearts, drained and diced
• 1 1/2 cups frozen green peas
• 1/2 cup diced black olives
• 1/2 red onion, diced
• 1 (16 oz.) package farfalle (bow tie) pasta
• 1 1/2 cups diced queso blanco cheese
• 1 (12 oz.) bottle Italian-style salad dressing (such as Girard’s® Olde Venice)
• cracked black pepper to taste

• In big salad bowl, mix red onion, black olives, frozen peas, artichoke hearts and garbanzo beans.
• Boil a big pot with slightly salted water. Let bow tie pasta cook at a boil for 12 minutes, mixing from time to time, till cooked completely yet firm to the bite; let drain.
• Into the mixture of garbanzo bean, stir the still-warm pasta. Into salad, fold the queso blanco cheese; put in the Italian salad dressing and coat by tossing. Season with cracked black pepper to taste. Reserve salad for 5 minutes till peas defrost and flavors meld.

Nutrition Information
• Calories: 399 calories;

• Total Carbohydrate: 52.9 g
• Cholesterol: 12 mg
• Total Fat: 15.3 g
• Protein: 14.6 g
• Sodium: 1042 mg

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