Autonomous vehicles are not perfect

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Self-driving cars may not be the answer to traffic fatalities. .

I’m sorry to say we told you this, but self-driving cars won’t be lifesavers automatically.

Cars avoid driving about a third of vehicles when they drive like humans. This comes from a recent study conducted by the Institute for Road Safety Insurance, showing that automatic cars do not solve the problem of streets.

“Cars are likely to learn driving risks better than humans, but we are the car secret. This alone prevents most accidents,” said Jessica Cicino, vice president of the Institute for Highway Safety Insurance.


Researchers examined insurance against theft that resulted in contracting the virus in the following categories:

Discovery and perception, books, comment books, low vision books and failing to recognize risks before it is too late.

Error in error occurred in the error in estimating another traffic gap.

Aggressive driving or short distance of the vehicle in front of you.
Implementation and performance errors “Inappropriate evasive maneuvers and other errors in controlling the vehicle.
“Inability to act”, or drugs, or drugs, or narcotics, or while driving.

Source: Insurance Institute for Road Safety


For sale session for sale in a session for sale. The ferry you carry about cars that carry human drivers’ driving car, tested the nation in 2018 when a self-driving Uber car collided with a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona.

She said the language appears to work in automated cars.

The message and the driver: “Crafts that vehicles do well on the world better through a series of sensors that create a 360-degree panoramic view of the world, which is a series of other vehicles. Road Autonomous.”

Driving actions that take into account non-action on vehicles taking action around, road, driving begin with an emergency. From a marine point of view, in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic or poor visibility.

Well, well, well disposed vehicles.

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