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guide to auto insurance quotes and rate analysis published, a leading provider of insurance purchases, recently released its 2020 analysis of average monthly and yearly auto insurance rates with some very interesting results., an insurance consumer shopping and comparison website that evaluates insurance companies and products based on customer feedback and professional ratings, recently released comprehensive deals on cheap auto insurance comparison – and Buying Guide, along with the analysis of the Average Monthly Car Insurance Costs per Month for 2020, which consists of some very interesting results.

Car insurance costs
The study, published in July, teaches us some surprising facts. On this basis, the national average monthly car insurance cost is $ 80 per month, with the average minimum statutory car insurance rates excluding full and collision car insurance as low as $ 39 per month (and as much as $ 23 per month Month in South Dakota) amount coverage. However, based on the results, the national average full insurance is $ 144 per month, or an average of $ 1,723 per year in 2020.

It was also found that the average cost of car insurance for a 17-year-old driver at $ 522 per month or $ 6,258 per year is not surprisingly more expensive than that of experienced drivers.

The investigation found that Honda Civic insurance is the cheapest option among the most popular cars in the US.

According to the study, USAA and Root are the cheapest auto insurance companies. USAA rates average $ 74 per month, or $ 885 for full coverage and $ 34 per month, or $ 405 per year for minimum coverage.

The ultimate buying guide to auto insurance quotes provides those looking to compare auto insurance quotes with a comprehensive look at their shopping options, from traditional face-to-face comparison to auto insurance agents / brokers to D2C auto insurers and auto insurance comparison sites. It has found that car insurance comparison sites are the best option for comparing car insurance quotes, with CoverHound topping the list as the best car insurance quotes comparison site. USAA and Progressive were outright rated as the best options in all aspects in our review of auto insurance companies. To learn more, visit was founded and run by Ofir Sahar, an entrepreneur and digital marketer, to make insurance information, purchases and comparisons more accessible to insurance consumers in the United States. and serve as an unbiased, transparent source for everything to do with insurance


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